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Why I am the way I am.

I am a 29 year old half Native American / half Caucasian Man. I have a four-year degree in Business Management Communications from Ohio University. From the time that I was brought into this world. I was raised as a Republican. I was force-fed their ideology, their methodology, their logic, their side of what was really going on, and oh yes; I was poisoned by the lies. I walked around for 24 years of my life with the pre-conceived notion that everything that I knew to be true was all that there could possibly be. I was the first in line to bash Clinton; I was present during local Republican conventions, I defended Dan Quayle's illiteracy without really reading about it for myself. I believed that abortion in any form was murder (now I can accept life or death situations, but I do not accept it as a method of birth control). Don't get me wrong, I'm still very conservative in many of my views and opinions; however I have unplugged myself from the Neo-Fascist Ultra-Conservative spinning wheel that's known as the Bush Regime. In the 2000 election I voted for the first time as a Democrat; I have to admit, I had that sinking feeling the entire time that I was doing something wrong. The reason I changed my political way of thinking is a direct result of life experiences (try being a college Graduate who's first real job collapses due to a dead economy only to be left without a job for five and half months; then having to take another job that pays much less); becoming informed by sources other than FOX News, and researching everything for myself. While I was in college I took the liberty of drafting an essay on the Appalachian Consumer and the level of poverty that consumes the rural area that I call home. Upon my research my tune quickly changed as I became aware of how Nixon's policies, Reagan's policies and George Bush Sr's policies severely damaged the economic strength and stability of middle and rural America. These men who were our elected officials and claimed to be servants of the people and by the people were standing on the very backs of those who helped to shape this fine land. Now George W. Bush has been handed the same torch to burn us with. I know for a fact that the founding fathers of this country are rolling in their graves as I'm writing this due to their disgust with Bush and his policies; and I know that Bush and his Regime will continue to wrap themselves within a shield of fake morality and Christianity in order to impose our Western Democracy on every country that resists or is deemed as an evil threat. I know that in 2000 the election was bought and paid for my the Corporate American Whore that Bush is sleeping with; my only hope is that his whore will grow weary of their partnership and allow us to have our Democracy back. I will not be voting Bush in 2004!
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