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Republicans make better Christians. How does this convey Christ?

At the age of 15 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior; from the age of eight I was brought up in the Christian faith and it still is a very important part of my life and who I am today. I’ve noticed over the past couple of years the on going trend of the Bush Administration and their constant exploitation of the Christian faith. Christianity has become the center piece of this election and the controlled media has painted the Democratic Party as pro-abortion / same sex marriage loving pagans. This stereotype is simply not true; not all Democrats are not like this, as well as not all Republicans are Christian.

I’m 29 now, and I registered for the first time as a Democrat at the age of 26. The 2000 Election changed my entire political outlook forever. I’ve watched the actions and listened to the words of the Bush Administration rather closely and I must say I find their convictions, and actions to be very non-Christian. The fact of the matter is Jesus is one of the biggest Liberal’s of our time. During the days of Christ being Liberal meant being a revolutionist. The word liberal had power, it had meaning; the word Liberal meant movement. Christianity has become the largest established religion in history. The sad reality of this miraculous fact is how dangerous a religion can be when handled irresponsibly; for example the misrepresentation of Islam while throwing us into the forefront of disaster by a handful of extremist radicals on September 11th. We can even go back as far as the Crusades and see how dangerous Christianity can be if it’s corrupted by humanistic understanding. There are hundreds of examples where religion has either developed or destroyed a society. The Salem witch trials, the extermination of dozens of tribes who worshiped pagan gods, and of course the tyranny of Hitler and his Nazi thugs in the name of Christ in order to punish the “Christ killers”. If anyone reading this article has paid attention to the current trend, and how the controlled media has painted the Democrats for their GOP contributors in order to create a more divided nation by destroying the reputation of the Leftists then you should be aware of the problem. Keep in mind that the current Administration supposedly has God on their side.

Keep in mind that the current Administration features a Vice President who feels that it is acceptable to tell a well-established Senator on the floor of Senate to “go f*** himself”. Keep in mind that the current Administration features a President who feels that it’s appropriate to refer to a member of the press as an “a$$hole” during the 2000 Election. This Administration features a President who feels that it is acceptable to mislead the people of this great nation, and to arrogantly launch a pre-empted strike against another country that didn’t pose as an actual threat to us at this point and time without any concern for any other country including our own. If you think that Bush represents the teachings, the compassion, or the philosophy of Jesus Christ then perhaps you need to crack open your Bible and re-introduce yourself to the Lord. Bush’s actions do not represent Christ’s teachings; they represent the ideals of an anti-Christ. Republicans do not make better Christians, and Democrats do not make better sinners. As a society and as a people we have to work together in order to exist in the future, and to survive regardless of what faith we are. When you peel back the layers we are all still American!
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